Marketing Audit

Marketing Audit

Our experienced team can provide your firm with a complete marketing audit to establish what marketing activities you are doing now in deference to what works and what doesn’t.

Sometimes it’s the simplest changes that can make the biggest difference – but you need to know how.

Trends Bird works through your past marketing activities and completes an audit with recommendations of what you can do better and how to promote your brand to achieve your business goals.



  • A FREE marketing idea to every person who submits a marketing query
  • A marketing audit for medium to large corporates that want to streamline their marketing processes, increase efficiencies and ascertain where they can cut costs and improve marketing ROI

A marketing audit is the only way to know what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong.

A marketing audit has a number of similarities to a financial audit in that it is a review or appraisal of your existing marketing activities. Carrying out the marketing audit provides the opportunity to review and appraise your whole marketing outfit, enabling you to assess past and present performance as well as provide the basis for evaluating possible future courses of action. Offering a fresh perspective on your marketing activities and utilizing technology and focus groups to establish the power of your current branding to substantiate future marketing spend is critical to improving a businesses overall marketing performance.