Digital PR

Our Approach

Digital Public Relations works in a similar way to traditional PR, but the difference here is that it’s all through digital channels. More and more people are turning to news websites and online articles to find out the latest and more information about a company’s story, which is why digital PR is becoming an increasingly key element to consider in your digital marketing strategy.

At Digital Ethos, we understand that when it comes to building your brand awareness and exposure online, it’s important to build personable relationships with your customers and what better way to do that than tell your story.

Understanding Your Customers

Successful digital PR campaigns, as with all of our services, are built on your customers’ needs. We have the data-driven insights to draw conclusions on what people are reading and where so we can get the right message across, at the right time and in the right place.

Crafting Newsworthy Content

Our team of consultants will spend a lot of time getting to know you and your brand in order to identify opportunities to create stories and write gripping and informative press releases that include brand mentions, statistics, quotes and hard facts. Your pieces will be too irresistible to not be read, by both your customers and the media themselves.

Developing A Bespoke Media Contact Database

Here at Digital Ethos, we have a huge database of media contacts that is continuously updated and organised depending on the type of publication. This means that once we have a story to be published, we can quickly contact media that is relevant and tailored for you.

How We Do It

Building Personable Journalist Relationships

In addition to our bespoke media contact database, the PR team also hold close relationships with journalists so that when we have a story to broadcast, we are their first choice. This guarantees a spot on their news website, newspaper or magazine, which link back to your own website.

Working Alongside Your Social Media Campaigns

We believe that digital PR and social media are a match made in heaven. We can use your social media platforms to get in touch with new media contacts and journalists, monitoring brand mentions and movement and showcasing your coverage..

Reputation Management

In an ever-increasing digital age, how you are perceived on the internet is becoming more important. For many, it is their first impression of you and we are the experts in building, developing and repairing your brand reputation both online and offline to ensure you are always seen in the right light.

Engaging Your Audience

From running brand events on your behalf or finding new and creative angles, our team of PR consultants will provide you with consultative, professional and specialist service to ensure your news gets out to the right people.

Generating Results

Once news placement has been published, our work doesn’t stop there. We will then continuously monitor performance and traction using data-driven insights and industry-leading analytics tools so that you will always be in the know about the difference your story has made for the public and your customers.