Interactive chat platform

Know about interactive communication?

Interactive communication is an exchange of ideas where both participants, whether human, machine or art form, are active and can have an effect on one another. It is a dynamic, two-way flow of information.

Many forms of communication previously thought one-way, like books and television, have become interactive with the rise of computers, the Internet, and digital and mobile devices. These developing collaborative technologies, or new media, have rapidly increased the opportunities for interactive communication across mediums, disciplines, cultures, social classes, locations, and even time.

Interactive communication is a modern term that encompasses these evolving forms of conversation. It is a primary characteristic of the present Information Age. New experiments in interaction design are evolving on a daily basis.

What is live chat?

Live chat is a medium that allows your business to engage with your website visitors in real-time, via messaging. The software that enables live chat is commonly referred to as live chat software or customer messaging software. You can use live chat software to initiate conversations with first-time website visitors, interact with returning customers, and support your existing users. It is a modern, continuous, and contextual way to drive more sales, close more deals, and retain customers for the long haul.

Live chat offers personalized customer experience, better brand interactions, a competitive edge, and a way to feel your customers’ pulse. Implementing a live chat solution for your business can be used by your marketing, sales, and customer support teams and be beneficial across your customer’s journey.

Why do you need live chat software?

Customers need a live chat to get quick and convenient answers to their questions on a website. Marketing and sales teams need live chat to collect leads and convert them into customers. Helpdesk teams need a live chat to solve customer problems faster, support them better, and engage them better.

Live chat is incredibly valuable for online businesses to capture leads, reduce bounce rate, and bring down the number of shopping cart abandonment. Similarly, live chat software can help B2B businesses to launch campaigns based on user behavior, deploy interactive chatbots to engage with them, or offer proactive support.

The PROS for users and companies include:

  • Better customer service: It’s easier for your staff to “know all the answers.” They can answer multiple users at once, transfer to another team member or refer to the documentation for tricky questions. The customer won’t even notice it.
  • Real-time and instant feedback: Unlike email support, the answers are fast, so users can quickly find what they are after.
  • Improved user experience: A simple text box means no need to deal with cumbersome phone menus or extra contact forms. The answers are also clear, without any miscommunication due to strong accents or poor call quality.
  • Great data-analyzing capacity: With live chats, it’s easier to log answers for review than with phone support. This is useful for analytics and to monitor the quality of your agents’ responses.
  • Pro-active communication: One significant advantage is the ability to proactively contact your website users. This means live chats can also be a powerful tool for sales and upsells.