We are planning for an automated truck management system inside Meghna Group of Industries Factory Complex, Meghnaghat, Sonargaon, Narayanganj, Dhaka. Our primary task is, track the trucks when those in into the Factory Complex & automatically guide them to weight bridge,  then loading factory & again guide to the weight bridge. Meghna Group wish to establish this automated system keeping existing process & also they hire trucks from rent a truck. For this custom type automation we visit the factory place & with initial analysis, we are able to figure out the process & technology which can lead us to a possible solution. This custom solution also required special type hardware too. GPS tracking is the main element here, but for more authenticity & flexibility we are going to use Beacon hardware & mobile phone.


Alert Systems

Notifications via text and call when something isn’t right with vehicles and drivers. Also, choose a provider that lets you set alerts for specific occurrences, such as if the driver has gone off-route or is engaging in unsafe driving habits.

Ease Of Use

There are some very complicated software out there, so choose one with a simple dashboard that doesn’t require technical skills or much of a learning curve to use.

Good Signal

What good is a GPS software if it keeps losing its signal? Make sure the vendor you choose won’t drop connectivity outside of the city or in places like tunnels and parking garages.

Mobile Access

GPS fleet-tracking software should have mobile apps or a mobile Web version. If you need anytime, anywhere access to your software, make sure it’s cloud-based or that an app is available for your preferred device.

Third-Party Integration

This can help you save tons of time by automatically syncing data into your accounting, payroll, time attendance and other related software.

Help/Customer Support

Vendor that lets you contact a real, live person anytime you need help, whether it be via phone or live chat. Other types of support include help-desk ticket systems, email support, documentation and how-to videos.