Plumb5 is a state machine that is capable of real-time engagement regardless of any customer touch-point. Founded in 2010, Plumb5 is an integrated data platform developed by Decisive Analytical Systems. It was built to solve marketing challenges permanently, by unifying customer data and facilitating seamless automation of business processes, to drive customer centric engagement automation everything in real-time 24/7.

Plumb5 helps you grow your business exponentially, by intelligently automating your conversion and retention strategies. Plumb5 does this by connecting all your customer touch-points and applying auto segmentation and learning techniques. This platform allows businesses to bring all their customer data together spanning Website, Mobile, Email, Social, Commerce, CRM, Loyalty, Offline store and Call data. By creating a unified profile for each customer, marketers have access to every aspect of the customer in real-time and can create quick engagement campaigns enabling delightful customer experiences:

  • Tagged Applications
  • Omni-channel Engagement
  • Analytics
  • Customer Management
  • Business Intelligence

Plumb5 Platform allows business to configure engagement automation and create an instant personalized experience for their customers.