A good inventory management system is sufficient to take care of sales, stock, accounting, shipping and customer data from a single place. It offers (i) inventory control for improvement of tracking and has control over stock movements and inventory activities and (ii) inventory optimization for demand forecasting and receives reorder alerts for elimination of the stock out situation.

Inventory management helps international growth by managing inventory effort at multiple warehouses, generates sales and inventory reports. Increase revenue through handling business and inventory from more sales routes and personalized order management, order tracking, and giving customer satisfaction.

The software is based on cloud offering all possible benefits of cloud computing. Remarkable points to mention as a cloud-based computing are

collaboration of team from anywhere and at any time, customize access for each team member to different sections, and Data storage on trusted servers for making it reliable that offers backups. Integrated operations of the inventory management solution are flawless integration with complementary SaaS systems, excellent customer relationship management, unification of customer and supplier data in one place, and Accounting features for automation of invoice and visibility over finances.

Enjoy operations with Trends Bird for withdrawal of loads of costly and erroneous manual work, and for easing the operational load by automating and streamlining processes like sales channel management, stock handling, order fulfillment, etc. A mission critical aspect of the software takes care of all processes just in no time.