iBusines was designed to provide customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities to small businesses. We feel that your company size and budget should not restrict the tools at your disposal, particularly when it comes to tools like CRM systems that can significantly improve sales team effectiveness.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools help companies manage sales leads and customer accounts as well as provide insight into the overall effectiveness of the sales organization. The primary input information consists of contact information and correspondence with potential customers as well as information about proposals and purchases. The CRM system tracks ongoing progress through the sales cycle.


CRM systems can significantly boost the effectiveness of sales organizations in a variety of ways:

  • Speed up the sales cycle—CRM systems can reduce the sales lead time by increasing organization and data retention so that you can better address prospect needs.
  • Reduce administrative time—CRM systems collect and organize information and automate many tasks that would otherwise take time away from selling.
  • Ensure thoroughness and follow-up—CRM software provides scheduling, reminders, milestones, and progress tracking that help ensure every potential lead receives appropriate attention.
  • Improve customer service—by collecting account historical information and correspondence, you can provide your customers with better, faster support.
  • Evaluate marketing campaign effectiveness—analyze marketing campaign response and conversion rates to continuously improve lead generation techniques.
  • Evaluate sales organization effectiveness—gain insight into lead generation and conversion across your organization, identifying specific areas that require attention and improvement.


In most instances, your small business is replacing or swapping an old system for a more updated CRM software solution. More than likely you do not have years of data in software that you need to extract. Another advantage is that you already have customer relationships in place to use as models. You are already close to your customers and still have one-on-one relationships with them. CRM software simply enhances these relationships and heightens your level of customer service.

Despite the fact that not all small businesses are ready to use a CRM system, it is much easier today for these businesses to find systems that easily meet their needs and are cost effective. There are options that will give you the freedom to pick and choose certain features, quality and cost of support. Most small businesses are already practising the discipline of customer relationship management. You are already building and nurturing your customer relationships face-to-face on a daily basis. However as your business grows and mature the amount of customer data you must maintain also grows. At some point the need for a CRM system is unavoidable. Take the plunge and you’ll find it is well worth the investment.