Facebook began with a simple idea and that was to help people understand what was going on in their world. But that was then. What started as social share now has features supporting businesses, marketing and advertising. Adding to which is gaming that accounts for over 250 million gamers on Facebook alone. So, if you haven’t already, here’s why you should launch your game on Facebook.


To start with, the influence a social and interactive platform like Facebook can bring to your game is incredible. Facebook provides an opportunity where gamers form communities and connections that boost strong engagement levels. Adding to that are features like game requests where you can invite friends to join a game. Growing your game is easy when it’s just a click away. With regular notifications, there’s barely any need for marketing. Making money as your Facebook games grow is almost too good to believe. But Facebook provides various payment options to gamers facilitating seamless and secure transactions.


Trends Bird Limited programmers are some of the best game makers and designers, who not only can create optimized game experiences but are also experts in leveraging game applications as per requirements of its integrated platform. Having worked across several platforms, we’re now experts in game development and design. Going by best practices for game development for Facebook, see why Trends Bird can be the agency for your game creation.


As an accomplished game agency, all you need to do is brief us on your game concept. Our dedicated team of game experts are proficient in UX, who with a brainstorm session with you can provide a list of well-defined options, from which you could choose to make your game a success. You can be sure the end-result is more than what you envisioned. Opting for our entire range of game services can help feature your game on the top Facebook games list.


Trends Bird Limited can assure your game is developed within technologies recommended by Facebook. Be it web technology or technologies specific for cross-platform games, Trends Bird’s Limited game programmers are fully aware of technology requirements and will suggest the technology that will create an optimized user-experience.


Be it getting asking players to grant permissions to your game or prompting users for a log in, Trends Bird Limited game design experts will ensure to keep your drop-off rate a minimum. With optimized log-in dialogs or a simple yet well-analyzed tweak to simple page-navigations can make a world of difference. Our UX game experts can create a sense of curiosity for gamers who may otherwise tend to drop-off. Simple previews of what the next game level has to offer could actually get gamers to buy that click. This is where Trends Bird Limited can bring that magic.


Trends Bird Limited’s game developers don’t just stop right after your game is launched. What makes the best Facebook games is having monitoring apps integrated within them to learn how users interact with your game. With this feature and service, you can gain insights on trends, traffic sources and understanding traffic types that are actually to pay to play. This can give you direction as to where to focus your resources and better planning. For example, you may notice a particular game level where a large chunk of gamers drop-off. Our game analytics experts can analyze and find actual reasons for this alarming drop-off rate and suggest fixes ultimately getting those potential leads.

So, next time you have a game concept, don’t hesitate. Come share it with us and we’ll make it a reality. Right from app development to game design and animation to testing and release. We’ll take care of it all, including the red tape while you can have the fun!