e-commerce managed services

Eliminate worry with 24/7 dedicated support.

At Trends Bird we understand that running an eCommerce business takes many positions and not every company has the right resources to fill every position. This is why we offer on-going support to help our eCommerce clients to grow their business without having to always hire full time staff internally. We offer monthly support for eCommerce strategy, online marketing, marketplaces, on-going development as well as web hosting. We support clients of all sizes, so whether you need a one-stop-shop to handle all of your eCommerce needs or if you need us to be an extension of your existing eCommerce department, either way we can help.

eCommerce Solutions

The eCommerce experts at Trends Bird have one goal in mind, to grow your sales. We provide cost-effective managed services and solutions for your online business that will expand your knowledge of the eCommerce landscape. Throughout the process, you are working and learning side by side with our experienced team so you can leverage our expertise to grow your online business.

eCommerce Management

Managing your website shouldn’t be a hassle. Between managing inventory, picking and packing orders, and responding to customer inquiries, the entire process can quickly become overwhelming. We can simplify the process for you.