Let us handle the heavy lifting, so you can focus on growing your business

Acting as an extension of your internal team, Trends Bird Managed Services combines the strengths of our technology with unmatched industry expertise to supercharge your selling and marketing strategies across hundreds of channels.

How we can help

E-commerce is growing complex with consumer journeys more varied than ever before. With a plethora of online channels, brands and retailers need to be ready to meet consumers wherever they are choosing to shop. Meeting the unique requirements of each channel and optimising marketing, selling and fulfilment initiatives require both operational agility and expertise.

Partner with Trends Bird Managed Services to:

* Get strategic guidance and technical support
* Localise and streamline the implementation of your marketing and selling strategies
* Free-up internal resources and minimise expansion costs style element
* Gain operational agility to effectively execute across multiple platforms, markets and channels
* Easily pivot your strategy depending on market response and conditions
* Leverage nearly two decades of e-commerce experience to navigate the ever-changing e-commerce landscape