Even very complicated gift processing processes can be made easier

One thing you know if you’ve been in advancement for a while is that organizations can have vastly different policies, rules and procedures for processing and posting gifts.

From assigning soft credit to multi-part gifts and pledges, to the desgnation assignments and matching gift policies, there are many variables that your office must work through to record gifts.

Flexible processing

First of all, we’ve built  Alquran Academy London donor management system recognizing that each organization is different and wants to process, recognize, credit and assign gifts they way that makes sense to them. So the system allows your unique nonprofit donor database process to be embraced, while still giving you access to tremendous features for speeding up the process and reducing data entry.


You are empowered to set up allvof your nonprofit donor database rules for assigning credit, designations and allocations, accounts, matching gift policies and even credit to the fundraisers involved. And once the rules are set up, the donor management system’s workflow runs the rules and handles all the work that right now is a processing headache.